In France, a land steeped in tradition, weddings have been celebrated for centuries. It’s the rituals that give marriage its sacred character. Whether you’re for or against the French wedding tradition, here are a few rituals you may or may not want to keep alive. However, there’s nothing to stop you adding a modern touch to certain traditions.

The elements: one old, one borrowed, one new and one blue

Another wedding superstition relates to the 4 lucky elements worn by the bride. This tradition originated in England at the end of the 19th century. It involves wearing something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. An old object symbolizes the bride’s former life and family ties. The second element is new, traditionally represented by the wedding dress. It symbolizes renewal and success in her new life as a bride. Blue symbolizes purity and fidelity within the couple. Finally, the borrowed object symbolizes happiness and luck for the bride and groom.

This video can explain it more:

Plain bridesmaids’ attire: In the past, the bride chose one or at most two bridesmaids. Nowadays, this role can be filled by several family members or friends. The tradition, which originated in the United States, is for the bridesmaids’ dresses to be similar. However, it’s important to preserve their individuality. The color and cut of the gowns chosen should enhance the bridesmaids’ morphology. This time-honored tradition can be modernized by doing the same for the groomsmen. Each can then wear a made-to-measure suit. The color can be a reminder of the wedding theme.

Throwing a bouquet to the next bride: Another French wedding tradition dates back to the 16th century. It involves throwing the bride a bouquet. In the past, only the knight could take it, running after his bride. Today, the bride throws it to her unmarried friends, with her back to them. Traditionally, it is thrown at the end of the day. Whoever manages to catch it will be the next bride. Variations exist to bring a touch of originality to your reception, such as the ribbon-pulling game.

The garter

The garter is generally white symbolizing purity and virginity or blue for fidelity. This tradition dates back to prehistoric times. It’s a small piece of lace fabric auctioned off to make up a kitty for the bride and groom. Today, this traditional vintage game is back in fashion. You can even modernize it to suit your own creativity and personality. For example, you can distribute scratch tickets. The aim is to see who wins the jackpot.

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