Show that you are familiar with the regulations specific to your legal consulting business. It is possible to open a legal consulting firm without being a lawyer, although it may be a little complicated. Note, however, that without a lawyer, a law firm cannot litigate or draft legal documents. Also, a lawyer who does not hold a degree in law cannot offer legal advice. To this end, the skills and background of the business creator must be well detailed in the business plan.

Why choose a legal consulting firm and not another firm?

The reasons why you have decided to open a legal consulting firm should be clearly explained in your business plan. Depending on your specialty, you can, for example, open a consulting firm on divorce, tax or business law. It should be noted that tax law consulting is on the rise at the moment. Another promising segment? That of consulting in the management of private data by companies.

This video can explain it :

With the emergence of legaltechs, legal advisory firms and lawyers need to adapt their offerings and, for example, digitize some of their services. Showcase the latest trends in the legal industry in your business plan, demonstrate that your offering will be innovative and that you will not be left behind by the recent changes. On the contrary, prove that you will integrate them in your offer in order to propose a service perfectly in line with the expectations of your target market.

The advantages of freelance administration to work as a consultant

To open a consulting firm, freelance administration can be an excellent solution. It allows you to benefit from both the status of a freelancer and an employee. This legal solution is ideal to test your activity before starting your own business.

What turnover can you expect to generate in your first year of activity? This is a question that a banker can legitimately ask you. A good financial forecast for your activity as a legal advisor will allow you to answer it. To do this, you will need to factor in the average price of your consulting services and the number of clients you expect to be able to counsel in one year. A complete financial analysis for your legal consulting business will also need to include other financial indicators such as break-even point, net income, working capital or cash flow.

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