Any company is a grouping of several skills working towards a common goal. Every business manager necessarily needs to rely on a team of professionals, in all aspects of the operation of the company, to carry out his mission. Among them we have financiers, administrators, technicians depending on the field in which the company practices and of course specialists in law. The corporate lawyer thus occupies a strategic place in the optimal functioning of any organization. Nevertheless, the subtleties of his role within the company are not necessarily known to all.

What is a corporate lawyer?

The world of law is vast and diverse. The law governs all aspects of our community life, our relationships with others whether personal or professional, as well as our interactions with the system and its institutions. It therefore integrates many specialties within its main branches, namely public law and private law. Public law has as its object the State, its organization, its functioning, its institutions, as well as their relations with individuals. Although there is a recurrent debate, particularly in Europe, on the desirability of a distinction between public law and private law, it must be recognized that their purpose differs significantly.

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The corporate lawyer thus belongs to the branch of private law. He is an expert on the company and its relationship with the law. He can be a generalist of the company, it is generally sufficient for small companies, but in the largest companies there are in-house lawyers specialized on specific questions of the operation of the company. The corporate lawyer must have certain qualities to perform in his profession.

Role and functions of the in-house lawyer

The corporate lawyer is at the heart of the company’s life. His skills are required in various fields and his role is very important. Legal compliance of company actions: the primary role of a good corporate lawyer is to ensure that his business is always found on the right side of the law. It is thus his duty to ensure compliance with the regulations concerning the activities of his company. For this, he must be aware of the company’s current events and at the heart of its economic activity.

Ensures the interests of the company: the in-house lawyer must be familiar with the law and jurisprudence applicable to the birth of any dispute within his field of activity of his structure. He must have a keen sense of detail and a capacity for analysis beyond the average. He must allow his company to take advantage of the system in place, without breaking the laws. In order to do that, you have to be an expert on the law and be aware of any loopholes in it in order to take advantage of it.

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