To legally carry out a professional activity as an entrepreneur, you must opt for a legal structure. It defines the administrative and tax framework of your company and facilitates interactions with the State. As an entrepreneur, what is the easiest and fastest legal structure to create? Get interesting details in these lines.

A sole proprietorship is easier to create

Sole proprietorship is a legal status that attracts more and more entrepreneurs in terms of business creation. Many self-employed people prefer to register their professional activity on this structure. For good reason, sole proprietorship is simple and quick to create. A priori, you carry out your business alone and you do not need to deposit an initial capital as for other legal forms.

This video can explain it :

Better, the paperwork is very little and you do not need to write statutes. Only your registration in the Commercial Register is necessary when your company is trading. In general, you get your official documents within a few days. They confirm that your company has been registered in the national register and that it finally has a SIREN number.

The individual legal structure is not subject to any mandatory control

More and more entrepreneurs are applying to the individual legal structure. Apart from the speed with which firms are set up, another important reason is that they are not compulsory. Indeed, a sole proprietorship is not subject to mandatory controls like other types of businesses. This offers entrepreneurs a much more relaxed and business-oriented management. A sole proprietorship is not subject to double taxation like other legal statutes. Here, your personal wealth is not dissociable from that of the company. No accounting measures are imposed on your professional activity. This does not require you to hire an accountant online. It is then impossible for this type of business to benefit from loans from a bank.

A legal structure where the legal name is mandatory: you just noticed that a sole proprietorship is quite easy to create for entrepreneurs. Your professional activity becomes legal in a few days and you receive your Kbis extract directly online. This document bears your legal name which is an essential element to have for the creation of a sole proprietorship. It also contains your administrative credentials and all other information about your professional activity. The Kbis extract can also be removed at the Chamber of Commerce or near the court registry of the area of residence of the company. In short, it is easier and faster for an entrepreneur to create a sole proprietorship. This legal structure allows to have in a few days all the official documents up to date.

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