More and more people are leaving for long periods abroad, whether for a mode slow travel holiday or a warm telework during the winter. Unlike a short stay, going for a long time involves preparing well. We do not pack in 24 hours, we take the time to plan this fact we will need for several weeks. Here are the things to do before traveling for a long time.

Going on a trip: health

Check that you are up to date in your vaccines and, if not, renew them. Check the list of diseases present in the visited country against which you must be protected on the Canadian government website. Do not do it at the last minute! You must make an appointment with a travel clinic or your doctor. Some doses of vaccines or medicines should also be taken several days or even weeks before departure. Are you well covered not your travel insurance? Take the time to take a look at your contract and validate that you are covered according to the activities you will practice and especially, according to the duration of your trip. If the insurance jargon is not clear to you, take the time to call an agent to validate if your needs are included in your coverage.

This video can explain it more:

You should also think about renewing your prescriptions before leaving for the duration of your stay. Do not find yourself badly taken and out of medicines once on site! Depending on the destination, it may be difficult to find your prescriptions at the local pharmacy.

Prepare a card in case of an accident that you will always keep with you. You will find essential information about yourself: blood type, emergency contact person, known allergies, etc. If you are travelling with a friend, colleague, or family member, give them this information that could be useful.

What to put in your suitcase

It is generally recommended to leave with clothes for 10 to 12 days, then it will be necessary to wash which is rarely a problem at destination. If you go to a sun destination, consider bringing everything you can’t find on site or that will be more expensive. Sunscreen, hat, sandals, swimsuits, shorts, camisoles, and snorkeling mask if you plan to do so. For colder destinations, avoid overloading your suitcase with heavy clothing. Think of the layered system by bringing one or two warm sweaters, and several sweaters to put under them. A single coat should suffice unless you go on a big expedition. For shoes, limit yourself to 3 pairs: one cleaner for evenings, one for sports activities and the last for the beach or more relaxed days.

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