Whatever their age, French people have a superior air that foreigners consider arrogant. Not at all! We learn to hold our heads high in all circumstances, so it’s just a matter of interpreting the natural French chic. Another point, but not the least, is the little French accent that will come out sooner or later, if only in a moment of madness. Indeed, the level of English and even language in general among the French is poor. So you’ll easily recognize the French by their sentences interspersed with French words, slightly arranged in the country’s fashion.

Attitude to culture in the street?

It’s easy to recognize a Frenchman by his attitude in the street: first of all, he’ll run pedestrians’ lights. You’d think they’d be disrespectful or color-blind, but no, the French assume that lights are for cars and that passers-by have priority – well, almost everywhere! If there’s a queue in a restaurant, at a checkout, at an exhibition… no problem, the French will find a trick to avoid it or to reduce it greatly in this case. Believe me, the French can be very creative when it comes to saving time.

This video can explain it more:

The French are by nature culture lovers. Even in the middle of nowhere, you’ll find every Frenchman within a 50 km radius at THE castle to visit. In town, if you want to find a few frogeyes, we invite you to go to a major museum or to see the latest fashionable exhibition, as the French are always on the lookout for the city’s cultural must-see.

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The French will order at least a starter + a main course, or a main course + a dessert, if not all three. Food is an integral part of culture, and it would be a shame not to try all the dishes on the menu. Say goodbye to club sandwiches with a glass of juice or a mini hot dog with a soda, and let’s discover the gastronomy of the host country, which is an integral part of the trip! If you lend an ear to the French table next to yours, outside the language of Molière, you can hear the conversation drifting at one point to food… we can’t help but talk about this subject that fascinates and animates us even when we’re at the table!

Finally, the French consider that service is, by definition, included everywhere… which is far from being the case. For example, if the pretty waitress has managed to tempt the guest’s wallet with a few words of French, or if the kind waiter has managed to advise on the dishes and wine, while being discreet and attentive at the same time – in short, the French art of tipping is much appreciated by discerning diners.

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