Travelling is one of the best activities in life, especially when we get involved in the culture and customs of the place and its inhabitants. But do you know what the customs of the French regions are? Today we’re going to tell you, so you don’t get caught out when you’re sightseeing in France.

French breakfast times

The French have breakfast: When it comes to mealtimes, the French eat at midday and dine around 7pm. That’s why stores are generally open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Stores close quite late: Superstores generally close a little later. Their opening hours can last until 8pm. If you’re planning to visit museums or public buildings in this European country, remember that they open at 10 a.m. and close around 6 p.m.

French gastronomy

French gastronomy is considered one of the most succulent in the world. It has a particular importance in the customs of the French regions. It is highly varied and has a major influence on almost every cuisine in the Western world. In fact, since 2010, it has been one of the four gastronomies inscribed on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and has the privilege of boasting several world-renowned chefs. Taste their dishes and delight your palate.

This video can explain it :

Important at the table: Don’t forget to ask for cheese to finish your meal: it’s the dessert par excellence and one of their most deeply-rooted and well-known customs. Cheers! The toast at the table is very important at parties or when someone invites you into their home. More importantly, you need to look into the eyes of the people with whom you are toasting. It’s a good omen of good luck.

The French and camping

A genuine camping culture: The French, like all of you reading this, love the world of camping. They have a strong camping culture and a great respect for the environment. There are over 8,500 campsites in France, second only to the USA. We recommend that you take a look at Camping Sites and discover some of these spots that appear in the movies, but which exist and are very close to us. You’ll find plenty of places to camp with your family, children or friends.

Pets welcome: What’s more, if you’re traveling with your pet, you’re in luck, as this country is very open on this issue. It’s very common to walk into stores or buildings and see owners with their furry friends. Of course, when you travel, France welcomes pets in most places.

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