Children speak two langageSource : Pixabay.

In the era of globalization, multilingualism is greatly favored; the increase in flows migration and social interactions promotes effective learning languages ​​and a transformation of social relations.

What are the advantages of bilingualism?

In the long term, many studies have shown that bilingualism was an unfavorable ground for Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, the acquisition of two or more languages ​​allows better cognitive development i.e. everything related executive functions (what men only have animals do not have), memory, language, reasoning, learning, intelligence, resolution problem and attention.

What are the rules to respect?

The child must have fun to learn their languages, learning should be fun. Then there is the circuit of their ward, as and when his apprenticeship he will be more able to interact with others, this interaction will be seen as a reward in his eyes. We also talk about context harmonious; the environment must be conducive to learning.

Regular training is necessary; the child must practice their languages ​​daily and equally. The proximity of languages ​​is also an advantage, it is indeed easier to learn two languages ​​if these two languages ​​are languages opaque a sound corresponds to several letters.

Easy of assimilation

This implicit passport allows the children concerned to be bilingual from an early age. Dad their speak in her mother tongue and mom in the hips. This will allow them subsequently, in particular during their studies, to justify an excellent linguistic level but also of an ease assimilation of foreign languages ​​greater than the average. For example, it is much easier for a child born from the mixture of French cultures and Portuguese to learn other Latin languages than for a child whose two parents would be French. The bicultural child also has the opportunity to spend holidays with his paternal family and in his mother’s family.

Some events are dictated by a religion, others by a socio-cultural context and still others are simply imposed by nature. But do we all have to celebrate and how? It seems that according to cultures, the relationship to the different significant events of a life is not the same. Death can even take on more importance than life. In some cases, a birthday will be an opportunity to get together with the people you love, while in others, it’s a day that doesn’t deserve so much attention…

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