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France is known throughout the world for its refined, delicious and flavorful gastronomy. We are lucky to be able to taste dishes from all regions of France, each tastier than the other.

Examples include beef bourguignon, veal Blanquette, Breton pancakes, mariner mussels, Savoyard and Burgundy fondue or even cassoulet and sauerkraut. During a meal with family or friends, why not impress your guests or even. Let them discover the specialties of French cuisine? Our local dishes will never fail to please our palates.

A simple and gourmet cuisine

If Italian cuisine has won the hearts of the vast majority of French people, it is primarily because it is simple, easy to prepare and family cuisine. We also love it for its ultra-gourmet side. Bruschetta, lasagna, risotto and pizza are all mouth-watering names.

This video speak the french cuisine :

If the French, and more particularly the big names in the kitchen, love the specialties of the Butte so much, it is because they go so well with the gastronomy of France. We even speak of perfect complementarity. Starred chefs like Yannick Allen do not hesitate to draw inspiration from Italian cuisine to enhance the taste of their pasta dishes, for example.

A great diversity that always arouses interest

We also love Italian cuisine for its extreme richness. It’s not just pastas and pizzas! There are as many specialties, and even more, as there are regions in Italy. But that’s not all; this gastronomy leaves no room for routine, so you never get tired of it. Lately, the Italian culinary art wants to be even healthier, ecological and respectful of traditions. Something to add to the enthusiasm of French gourmets and gourmands for made in Italy gastronomy.

The Pouting House in Paris and Toulouse

 Everything is already in the name of the sign. We come here to enjoy a good pouting. If you are looking for the crème de la crème, know that the house of Pouting was awarded the title of best pouting in the world in 2019 and 2020 (just that!). A deserved title given the quality of the products used: an exclusive cheese, homemade fries and secret vegetarian and meat sauces, so wow but impossible to make at home.

 As for the fillings, you can find a bit of everything: bacon bits, caramelized or fried onions, beef simmered with spices, minced chicken snacked… We especially advise you to try the Pouting Trapper, winner of Pouting Week 2020 to the basic pouting recipe are added pulled pork with maple syrup and smoked paprika popcorn.

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