Just like cheese or baguette, the glass of red wine is one of the most important symbols of gastronomy, and even of French culture in general.  The French love to discuss wine more than food. This justifies their interest in this precious beverage. However, even if wine is widely consumed by all classes of society, it must be recognized that few French people know the source of this passion for this spirit. Where does this French passion for wine come from? We tell you about it in this article.

What about the culture?

Today, the famous red balloon accompanies your family meals, your feasts, your romantic dinners or even your evenings alone. It is extremely rooted in the tradition, know-how and originality of the French. Wine also contributes to your well-being and relaxation. To do this, in order to succeed your parties and any other event, it is important to serve good wines and quality spirits to your guests, especially if they are French. If this is part of your goals for your wedding, birthday or corporate ceremony, is an online alcohol sales site with a catalog of tens of thousands of bottles, some of which are among the rarest in Europe and the world.

This can explain it more:

In addition, if wine was consumed to suppress appetite during periods of scarcity, it is currently elevated to the rank of work of art because of oenology. Thus, you certainly know a person who can start talking about wine for many minutes by finding it incredible aromas. In addition, by exposing it in front of his nose, this person can give you all the characteristics of the wine he enjoys. This is one of the many reasons why winegrowers are always motivated to develop better quality wines. And, it should be noted that the phenomenon is in tune with urbanization and the evolution of education.

Wine, the national pride

Finally, wine is a major factor in France’s international influence. This is one of the reasons why French restaurants love to boast the quality of wine in the presence of tourists. Moreover, it must also be recognized that wine is involved in the balance of trade. It therefore has a significant and positive impact on employment. Thus, the flame of love of French wine does not seem to be nearly extinguished.

Recently, it should be noted that it was during the First World War that wine was elevated to the rank of French excellence. In fact, to differentiate itself from the Germans who favored beer, wine had been enhanced to symbolize civilization in the face of barbarism.

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