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Have you ever drooled over Sephora USA or Amazon USA wondering why it’s not on sale in Europe ? Today, I’m going to reveal my tips for ordering on American sites and getting delivered to France. This article is not sponsored and is only intended to help you find what you need. The American market is huge, that’s why many American sites and sellers prefer to sell only in the United States instead of bothering to manage international delivery with customs and currency issues.

How do I place an order on an American site that does not ship to Europe/France?

The state where the address is located has a direct impact on your expenses. In general, the sites indicate the amounts excluding tax, and depending on the state where you are going to send your package, the taxes of this state will be added. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon have no taxes, so if the deposit is there, great, but it rarely is. In any case, on average, you will be given an address where you will pay between 6% and 8% taxes.

Then, once all the packages have been received, they combine everything you receive into a single package and then send it to you in France or in Europe Please note: mists BBW, VS, deodorants, shaving foam, perfumes or any other alcohol-based product are prohibited and cannot be sent. The list is quite long, if in doubt, ask the shipping services.

You simply have to trust, and avoid ordering things that are too heavy.

Recently, I bought a serum that could not be found in Europe because it is only sold in the United States. Following this very smooth and successful experience, I started to buy other products inaccessible in Europe. Between the time the package arrived at the address in the United States and the receipt of said package in France, 1 month passed and I was reduced by 24€ for 238g. I chose the cheapest shipping service USPS is US Post and just after Black Friday, hence the delays I think.

If I had several parcels waiting, with certain services, it would have cost me even more because they would have made me pay to consolidate all the parcels into one, pay for the stock of the parcels (over 7 days) and possibly pay for another box to contain all that. You see? So you have to compare all these points to find the most suitable service.

In short, there are many risks and unknown factors in placing an order in the United States. Watch the exchange rate before placing a big order, so all that effort is worth it. I obviously advise against buying things that are too expensive like Apple products because if you have to use more reliable delivery services like DHL/UPS/FEDEX, the bill immediately goes up and it’s no longer at all interesting.

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