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Several municipalities have claimed the status of geographical center of France and erected monuments to identify THE central point. But in the end, who is right?
It sits proudly in the center of the village. In Bruère-Allichamps in the Cher department, a terminal surmounted by a French flag is supposed to materialize the center of France.

A symbolic point certainly but which for ages has aroused controversy. Until the Yellow Vests who, on the guesswork, had decided to gather in Bourges in 2019 in the center of the country.

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In the end, it was Bruère-Allichamps who seemed to have everyone in agreement. In 1757, a Roman marker from the 3rd century was unearthed there, the very one that is now placed in the center of the town. A text indicates tradition designates this monument as the center of France. Since then, millions of motorists in transit have bypassed it with the feeling of being in an important place.

This is the top city to live in France :

 In 1968, the mayor of Salsas-le-Poitier, still in the Cher, had steel installed at the exit of his village, also with a French flag at its top, in which was sealed a plastic letter reproducing the letter of the Abe Murex, who had concluded that the center of France was here. A man of the church necessarily inspires confidence.

Yellow vests: gatherings banned in the center of Bourges by the prefect of Cher

The debate has actually been going on since Julius Caesar. If since the Gallic Wars, the technical means of measurement have progressed well, the question is not definitively settled. In Commentaries on the Gallic Wars, the winner of Vercingetorix located the center of the country on the border of the country of Carnets, near the current abbey of Saint-Benoît-surf-Loire in Loire before the historian Anne Lombard-Jordan does not locate it in the Lend it plain, between Paris and Saint-Denis, which is still very far north… We see the center in Chartres or even in Paris. Certainly not to displease Parisians who might be tempted to sometimes take themselves for the center of the world but without any real scientific basis..

It was without counting on the commune of Saint-Palais in the Cher, considered by the IGN as the most remote geographical point of the coasts and land borders since it is 291.3 kilometers from Benneville-sur-Mer, from the mouth of the Sever Notaries and from Chappelle-des-Bois to the Swiss border. A central position therefore…

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