Planning a road trip with children can be a stressful experience for parents. However, with the right preparation and a few practical tips, it’s possible to make the trip enjoyable and memorable for the whole family. Here are our tips for preparing a road trip with children.

Kid cab, the child transport specialist

Children sometimes have very busy schedules: school, extra-curricular activities, and so on. As a parent, it can be hard to find the time to cover all their travel needs, especially if you have several children to look after. Of course, there are many transport options: public transport, cabs, VTC… But as we highlighted in our article what is the best transport solution for children in French’s island? These options aren’t always suitable for children, especially the youngest ones. Nor are they very reassuring for parents. The lack of child-friendly transport options can often be a hindrance to the healthy development of youngsters, who have to do without activities, particularly in certain regions.

This video can explain it more:

With this in mind, we created Kid cab. We provide chauffeur-driven cars for all your children’s travel needs. Our professional drivers are trained to accompany children aged 3 to 18. Their vehicles are equipped to welcome your children in complete safety. With Kid cab, you can rest assured that your children are covered during their travels: we offer complementary insurance to secure all their journeys. In addition to offering our services to private individuals, we also partner with schools, clubs, associations and companies to organize shared transport for their members, pupils or employees’ children.

Make sure children are comfortable and Respect their sleep schedule

Comfort is important for children on car journeys. On the big day, dress them in comfortable clothes and bring cushions and blankets for them to rest on. If you’re traveling with a baby, make sure you have a comfortable car chair and allow enough time for regular stops, diaper changes and meals.

Sleep schedules are important for children. If possible, plan your trip to coincide with their sleep schedules. This will help them rest during the journey and be more energetic when they arrive at their destination.

Pack snacks and water and Plan games and activities

Children are often hungry and thirsty during car journeys. So pack nutritious snacks, such as fruit, chopped vegetables, nuts and cookies. Make sure you also have enough water and drinks for the children. Children are easily bored on long car journeys. To keep them occupied during the journey, plan games and activities. These can include coloring books, puzzles, board games, audio books and movies.

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