To ensure the safety of flight crews and other passengers, the International Air Transport Association has established strict and precise regulations governing the carriage of certain objects, articles and liquids on board aircraft. Although these restrictions are different for baggage traveling in the cabin or in the cargo hold, it’s important to know the rules in force to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

It’s best to know and respect these rules to avoid problems when passing through airport security. Indeed, flying with cabin baggage on board requires compliance with certain safety standards. It should be noted, however, that airlines and airports prohibit these products and consumables on board the aircraft for the well-being and safety of their passengers.

This video can explain it :

Prohibited items in carry-on

Weapons or sharp objects: Travelling with firearms is nevertheless possible under certain conditions and with certain airlines. To find out more about transporting firearms, rifles and pistols by air, please contact your airline, which will advise and inform you about the steps, forms, declarations and procedures to follow when carrying a rifle, pistol or any other firearm in the hold. These are special baggage items that can be carried in hunting or shooting competitions, for example, but which, by their very nature, are subject to special regulations.

Flying with a drone or hover board: This is such a recent development in civil aviation regulations that not all airlines and countries have yet drawn up a common plan for restrictions. In other words, it all depends on the airport and airline you fly into.

The drone should generally be placed in the hold, without its battery. Consider using a rigid case to protect it more effectively from shocks. Each battery (provided it complies with the maximum power rating authorized for air travel) must be placed in the cabin, individually in a fireproof, watertight bag. Remember to remove them from your baggage at the airport security checkpoint. Ideally, let the nearest security personnel know that these are lithium batteries for your drone, which is placed in the hold baggage.

Can I take a toiletry bag with me on the plane?

It’s perfectly possible to take a travel toiletry bag with you on the plane, even if it’s not transparent, as long as it doesn’t contain liquid products. These must be placed in a transparent plastic pouch as indicated above. MVV has selected a toiletry kit suitable for air travel. It comes with 3 cabin-approved bottles 2 bottles of 100 ml + 1 jar of special travel cream and will be a great help on your next trip. If you haven’t yet planned a kit of this type, don’t hesitate to consult these detailed specifications.

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