Let us reassure you right away if you are not fans of bicycles, it will not be a question of cycling performances or the winner of the internationally known Tour de France, but of French culinary specialties. Specialties, such as the famous Tour de France, allow us to shine around the world. So from traditional dishes from the North to the culinary secrets of the South, from the sweet specialties of the West to the ingredients of the East, let’s go together on the French roads for a Tour de France of flavors!

Centre-Val de Loire: Tarte Tatin

Didn’t you know that the tarte tatin was originally from Centre-Val de Loire, and Sologne more precisely? Here it is rectified! You will be able to bring out this little info at the next family meal when you proudly put on the table your home-made tatin tart or freshly bought from the pastry chef, it also works. Because it is without a doubt one of the must-see French desserts that we like to find on the table during a family meal or a dinner with friends!

This video can explain it:

Corsica: the charcuterie: You may be surprised not to find a proper dish as a Corsican specialty. But we could not resolve not to mention the Corsican charcuterie in this selection. There are so many, and the flavors of the different pieces of meat are so good that we could not resign ourselves to choose only one! Lonzu, coppa, figatellu, prisuttu. Their refined flavors and their subtle tastes deserved to be part of this list of specialties from our regions, didn’t they? Because with a good baguette of bread, they are all to fall on the ground!

Haut-de-France: mussels and chips

If they are essential at the Braderie de Lille, mussels-fries are the emblem of an entire region. Yesterday it was said that they represented the North, today it seems that we should rather talk about the Hauts-de-France. But the names are of little importance when it comes to enjoying a nice plate of mussels-fries, what do you think? For us in any case, eating mussels-fries is of the utmost importance because to taste a dish that is so emblematic of French and Belgian cuisine, it is not pie!

Île-de-France: the Macaroon; There are culinary specialties that make the colors of a country shine around the world. The macaroon is definitely one of those. From the most prestigious Parisian avenues to macaroon shops present in the land of the rising sun, the macaroon has created a place of choice among the favorite dishes of the sweet beaks. So the Parisian macaroon with its countless combinations of tastes and the thousands of pastry chefs who put it in the spotlight has fine days ahead of him. But let’s enjoy it today!

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