As you know already, glamping is referred to as glamorous camping. Glamping is similar to regular camping, but it’s an upgrade with more fun and comfort. As a kid, your idea of camping is to construct a tent, toast marshmallows, walk across the road, and carry out other fun activities. Nevertheless, these fun activities are available even in glamping.

The difference is that kids will enjoy all their fun activities in a luxurious way. For instance, glamping allows you to have a decent bath, a comfortable bed, and other luxuries while camping. Read and learn the perfect tips for the best glamping experience.

Choose a good location

The first step to having a great glamping in Correze (Village des Monédières in Chamberet) or any other place is to choose the perfect location. Glamping in the middle of nowhere makes no sense. Even though you want to get away from the buzz of the city, choose a nice location that will make the glamping experience worth it.

Carry lots of clothes

Pack clothes that will last you through your glamping period. It’s best to pack enough clothes instead of carrying a few clothes and trying to wash them. Moreover, the clothes shouldn’t have to be glamorous attires. Remember you are not going for a fashion contest.

Pack glamping gadgets

Just like camping, you must carry gadgets like touch, GPS, etc. These camping gadgets will enhance your experience. For instance, the GPS will help you find your way around. On the other hand, a torch or flashlight helps you at night. 

Get into nature

The whole idea of glamping is getting back into nature. Don’t stay indoors the entire time without experiencing nature. Take a stroll with your friends and family around your location. However, ensure you don’t go too far from the glamping location. 

During your glamping trip, keep things simple. For instance, you should go with a pet like a dog or cat. These animals love the wild and could even protect you against others. Remember to build a campfire where you will roast your marshmallow. Cooking makes glamping fun, so you may need to carry along raw food. Finally, you can also find unusual accomodations in Correze (caban, houseboat, caravan…) for your glamping. 

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