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Traveling souls, you who like or would like to discover the world, you know like us that traveling allows you to disconnect from the daily routine; but did you know that it also and above all has a real impact on your health? We explain it all to you!

Traveling lowers the rate of Bad stress

Many studies have shown that travel helps maintain good mental, physical and spiritual health. By putting aside, the annoyances and the monotony of everyday life, by offering our neurons a new environment and new information, by having better sleep, by producing excitement… By being part of the action of the present moment, even if it can generate stress when traveling; for example, during the organization; good stress; Our body produces new neurons and, among other things, adrenaline and serotonin, and we greatly reduce the risk of cardio disease; vascular or degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. The immune system is strengthened. Word of scientists!

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Only after a few days spent outsider your home, away from your daily environment That You know by heart, Bad stress decreases or even disappears. Traveling allows you to forget – if only temporarily galleys, disputes, constraints and hassles. Traveling frees the mind and allows us to be free to be whoever we want; however, we want. On the other hand, when traveling, certain situations can be stressful but we will speak here of good stress – in this case we learn to find ourselves face to face with ourselves, to manage situations that push us to exceed our limits, to go beyond our comfort zone. When traveling, we learn a lot about how we react to new situations, which we would not have been pushed to face in normal times. Travel shapes our character and our identity!

Traveling help build self-confidence

Traveling is also, and often, living strong experiences, when traveling alone or when traveling in small groups. Finding last-minute accommodation, getting lost in the small streets of an unfamiliar city, hitchhiking, etc. Depending on the case, it allows you to realize what you are capable of. Some of us like to challenge ourselves, to go into the unknown and therefore; necessarily; beyond our fears. This is where travel strengthens our mind. When traveling, we also learn to move forward to meet people, go a long way with a traveling companion to ask our way, indulge in sign language to make ourselves understood, etc.

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