Depending of course on your type of trip, but if you travel with a simple bag on your back, you will learn to get back to basics. Getting rid of the superfluous can be a challenge at first! However, you will relearn simplicity and avoid impulse spending. That’s what we also love about travelling!

The trips allow the meetings

Indeed, during your travels, you have certainly met people you probably would not have met in your daily routine? Maybe because when we travel, we meet people from all walks of life, from all social backgrounds, from all backgrounds, from all ages. That’s diversity! We open up to each other, we eat like him, and we are interested in his way of life. We open our minds and we transform! How many were charmed by Buddhism when returning from a trip to India? Or how many have been seduced enough by a country to have the project to settle there permanently?

This video can explain it more:

Travel creates wonderful memories: travelling is creating memories. Happy memories, we wish you! So these souvenirs, trinkets brought back from Africa, pictures of Mexico, and everything you keep in mind… will help to give you a smile, in less rosy moments. You will remember with nostalgia, your travels, and even the pitfalls you encountered there!

Travel improves creativity

In contact with new traditions, habits and customs, comes also new practices of art. Art can be very different from one country to another and lead you to be inspired by it, once back. The view of landscapes that make you dream, picturesque scenes, will give your ideas to express yourself, whether by making paintings, writing a book or producing a beautiful scrapbooking album!

Travel allows for introspection: thanks to letting go during the trip, you will have the necessary perspective to take stock of your life. Confronted with yourself, outside your comfort zone, you will find yourself asking questions. After meeting inspiring people, natural reflections will come to you. If you needed to escape from everyday life and routine, or if you felt lost in life, it is far from your habits that you will experience the best introspection possible!

Travel cultivates knowledge

Indeed, travel allows you to cultivate your knowledge! You will come out more educated, have learned new ways of life, tamed new ways of thinking, eating… You will know different cultures, rites and customs, and you will be able to speak in public about all your experiences!

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