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We often talk about the course of the religious ceremony but less about the wedding at the town hall. Here is some useful information to help you prepare for your civil ceremony.

You have just said yes to your original marriage proposal and before even thinking about wedding suit and wedding dress, you find out about the steps to take. If we can ignore a church wedding, the passage to the town hall is mandatory to formalize your union under the law. Here are some parameters to take into account in order to best prepare you for this solemn moment.

The day of the ceremony

If you are getting married at the town hall and at the church, you must in any case start with the civil ceremony which can be performed the very morning of your visit to the church, or even a few days or weeks before for more peace of mind. . You are free to choose the date that suits you according to the availability of the mayor, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays.

This video recount these facts :

You are free to choose to dress formally or more casually for your visit to the town hall. If women tend to choose a strapless or princess wedding dress in church, the choice of dress for the town hall can be worn on a simple wedding dress, even short, or even on a suit. As for the men, they will wear a classic blue or gray wedding suit, perhaps simpler than for a religious wedding.

The place of the ceremony

Custom dictates that the civil ceremony be celebrated in the town hall of the city of birth of the bride. However, it can also take place in the city of birth of the groom or in the current place of residence of the future spouses.

If you wish to unite in a locality where you do not have a residence, you will have to make a written request to the mayor of the municipality concerned.

The course of the ceremony

The bride and groom sit in the front row, opposite the mayor or deputy mayor, the bride to the left of the groom. The witnesses generally surround the future spouses. The immediate family is just behind, in the first row.

The audience gets up when the bride and groom enter, then sits down again to read the various articles of the Civil Code concerning the duties of the spouses to each other. The mayor will then ask if a marriage contract has been drawn up. The bride and groom will then exchange their consents in front of the audience.

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