France is a country recognized throughout the world, both for the beauty of its landscapes and for its exceptional influence on fashion. But this is not the only thing that identifies this country, because the French gastronomy It is one of the largest and most recognized in the world. The geographical position, as well as the large number of techniques used in French cuisine, cause many to call it the base of cuisines. So, you can already get an idea of ​​the interest that this part of French heritage must be. Join us in the elaboration of this article and fall in love with this wonderful gastronomy through the typical French dishes. No! or you can miss it!

French gastronomy

We all know how famous he is. French gastronomy for its refined dishes and varied ingredients. It has had such an impact on the culinary world and on other cultures that since 2010 it has been considered an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. typical dishes of France they have the reputation of being refined and diversified, since each region of the country has its own characteristics. For example, in the southeast, the cuisine is characterized by the use of many olives, tomatoes and herbs, with a clear Italian influence. While in the north, pork and potatoes are used much more. The truth is that from the Middle Ages to the Revolution, the traditional French cuisine It forged an image that gave it a lot of prestige. Even today, many haute catering professionals around the world continue to work and strive to be faithful to the original recipes and maintain this prestige.

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Lorain Quiche: It is one of the most recognized dishes in France, and originated in the Lorraine region, near the border with Germany. From this dish, thousands of types of quiches and derivatives have been created with ingredients from other regions. But the original recipe is based on short crust pastry or short crust pastry, which is filled with creme fraiche, which in simple terms is creme fraiche. Also, with pancetta seasoned with nutmeg and black pepper and eggs.

Cake of the Kings

A good way to discover French culture, and at the same time to taste one of the best dishes of French cuisine, is to try the Cake of the Kings. This dish is synonymous with the feast of the Epiphany. The recipe comes from a Roman tradition known as Saturnalia, which was the feast in which the Sun god and Saturn were worshipped. In this, it was customary to bake a cake in which a bean was inserted inside. Then the lucky person who got the bean in their slice of cake will become the king of the celebration

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