A discussion about the favorite dishes of the French can be at the origin of a couple’s dispute, to spoil a family meal or to initiate a fight between brothers and sisters. We know that it is a sensitive subject, a difficult question to decide but it is not because your brother prefers a good sauerkraut to the Blanquette de veau of grandma that you should blame him. That’s the way it is, to each his own, as they say! Especially since there are many culinary specialties in French cuisine and many of them make your mouth water just by mentioning them.

Duck breast and the fried mussels

The big winner of this ranking is the duck breast which arrives in first position of this ranking. Great specialty of the South-West, the duck breast seems to have conquered many palates in the four corners of France since it comes on the first step of the podium! A little more: a very good recipe of duck breast by clicking here!

This video can explain it :

And yes, because it is not only at the Braveries de Lille that we eat tons of them. This emblem of the North of France has spread so much in France, that it takes the second position of this ranking. A great performance for this culinary specialty that we all love, to the point of licking our fingers, of dripping marinade on our tee-shirt but not caring at all because it is so good!

Steak and French fries and Prime rib

Apparently it’s not only the children’s favorite dish, but it’s also the seventh favorite. Very popular in brasseries, it is not only the little ones who like to be well satisfied after a good steak-frites. Satiating dish and vector of good memories, we appreciate its traditional side and its simplicity then we are not surprised that it arrives at the seventh place of this classification!

A trip to the butcher, a barbecue and a rib of beef, the perfect trio! Because it’s the prime rib that makes the French melt, as it comes in fifth place in this ranking. Simply cooked on the barbecue with a touch of salt flower, it’s a simple and delightful treat!

And as long as the barbecue is hot, why not take advantage of it to cook slices of eggplant or peppers and then slide a good Camembert cheese onto the still hot embers to dip a few pieces of bread in it once it has melted?

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