What is the list of travel accessories to include before leaving? With my experience as a great traveler for several years, these are my essentials, which I always take with me to the end of the world. These accessories can really make your travel life easier.

Accessories for carrying and storing your belongings

I never leave without my backpack cover: Osprey Airporter medium. Its primary function is to protect the backpack when you board the plane and to prevent the straps from damaging or tearing during the flight. But it works for all types of transport and it helps to avoid soiling your bag in the holds of buses that are often very dirty, especially in Asia. In addition, it is a cover that can be closed with a lock, so it is an additional security against theft, because it is complicated to secure all the openings of a backpack.

This video can explain it more:

For returns from travel, it’s also very convenient to come back more loaded than going: once the backpack is in the bag, you can slip a lot more stuff inside and that’s often how I bring back my travel memories. Usually I don’t have room to put everything inside the backpack. Finally, I also used it several times so that I could temporarily leave things at a place like hotel luggage storage for example: during a trip, if I go to do a loop of a few days and I don’t need to carry all my stuff, I can leave some in this big cover and travel lighter for a few days.

Travel accessories hygiene and health

A travel toilet bag: One would think that any type of toilet bag would be suitable for travel, but not necessarily. For my part, I advise to absolutely take a pattern with a hook that allows to hang it somewhere. We find ourselves quite often in bathrooms not very clean with nothing at all to put our belongings, not to mention common shower rooms in youth hostels… I like large-capacity models because I take many products with me.

An emergency kit: Of course, this is the kind of kit you can make yourself by buying products one by one, but I find it more convenient to buy a first aid kit at the beginning. Then, as you travel, you replace what you’ve used or what’s expired. In case of a small problem, it is always much more convenient to have everything on hand rather than having to run in an emergency in a pharmacy. Before leaving, it is also a good idea to study the content carefully because you sometimes have to supplement it, especially with an antiseptic spray. It’s not really part of first-aid care, but you also have to remember to take mosquito repellent.

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