They are eagerly awaited for good reason: family holidays allow us to meet and share moments together, far from a very busy daily life. Yet, for lack of means or time, they are sometimes put aside: a family escape, even a few days, has many benefits.

Go on a family holiday to approach the daily life more serenely

A family vacation is important for children, but also for parents. And you don’t have to go very far for that. France has such a diversity that there are beautiful places to discover everywhere, even near you. Taking the car or a train, for a few days out of the house, is enough to escape the routine and share good times together. Here are some good reasons to plan a family holiday as soon as possible.

This video can explain it more:

That’s the number one reason to go as a family: take a break. Young and old need from time to time to slow down and get out of their usual environment. Like you, children need to disconnect from a sometimes very dense rhythm: wake up, lunch, day at the daycare or school where they have to follow rules, keep schedules, evolve in community, return home, after an extra activity school, sports or cultural for some, dinner… In short, their life is very busy and they need as much vacation as you, to approach the daily life more serenely once the return to reality.

But how to go with your family on a small budget?

Even if you want to give your children an enchanted break, the budget issue is often a drag. Between travel, accommodation and on-site expenses such as outings, accounts can quickly explode. Fortunately, there are some good plans to allow a nice escape to the whole tribe. First of all, a few aids are put in place to allow the greatest number of people to access the holidays. Take stock of existing aids to help your wallet with our article on the holiday budget. Moreover, between the exchange of accommodation, the wild bivouac or the baby-sitting of house, some original options are also available to you for stays at reduced cost. Find thus all our good plans to go cheap or free holiday here!

To develop your children’s esteem: On holiday, you will share different activities with your children: walks, afternoons at the pool, family board games, eating on the terrace… In short, moments that you do not always give yourself in daily life. All these moments allow parents and children to strengthen their complicity. This is important for self-esteem, since they show the little ones that they are loved, pampered, appreciated and important to you, while increasing this feeling of belonging to a family.

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