You enjoyed it, but all the good things have an end, and now it’s time to go home! We often spend a lot of time preparing a trip, but we do not suspect that on the return, some steps are also necessary to approach the return with serenity.

Check your bank account and Taking care of your body

If you travelled outside the Eurozone, you probably had to draw money or even maybe use your credit card at hotels or local merchants. A quick look at your account will allow you to see if the amounts debited correspond to your expenses, and if nothing suspicious is hidden between the account lines. Remember to carefully note your expenses or keep receipts and invoices to compare them.

This video can explain it more:

You may have taken advantage of your holidays to go on beautiful treks or hikes, to walk for hours in new places or to explore the museums of a new city. All this is quite tiring, and if we add to that a long journey back, jet lag and the immense motivation to return to work. It is possible that your holiday did not really rest you! If possible, try not to go home just before your recovery, but to give yourself a day or two to relax and get back into a normal rhythm. This will allow you to approach your return with more serenity.

Making medical expense claims and Sort photos

In person well informed, you have of course taken out a travel insurance before leaving! If, during your stay, you had some medical expenses, now is the time to ask for reimbursement. Remember to keep all the medical documents related to your condition, then send them to your insurance, as well as the method of reimbursement chosen and, sometimes, a reimbursement form to fill out.

If, a few days or a few weeks after your return, you are taken with nostalgia, do not bother to take an antidepressant! Nothing better than sorting your photos to dive back into your trip and make you relive the best and perhaps the worst? moments of your stay. Creating an online album to share with your family and friends or even develop some of your best shots is an activity that will cheer you up and allow you to escape for a few moments!

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